Digital Marketing

Cayenne Digital have a limited-time offer – a FREE digital marketing appraisal!

This is completely free of charge and will cover a number of subjects:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation – how does your website perform on search engines, what are you missing and why it’s important, what could I do to improve?
  2. Keywords – what keywords am I using and do I use them properly?
  3. Social Media – how is this performing and what could I do to improve its effectiveness?
  4. Branding and design – is it good enough? Can it be improved?

This report is not “auto-generated” by an algorithm, it is a genuine report written by our team, helping you identify what is currently wrong (if anything) and giving you hints on what to improve.

Obviously, this is a sales tactic employed by ourselves to generate more business, but if you don’t want to use our services – no problem! No hard sell and no automatic sign-up to our newsletter, although it would be nice if you did!

Just fill in the form below, give us a day or so and we will email your report over to you. Simple as that!