New from Cayenne Digital for Local Businesses:

All-in-one Monthly Digital Marketing Packages

Announcing our latest product!

Cayenne Digital would like to announce a new, all-in-one package which takes the headache out of your online advertising. We will manage everything; the social media advertising, the lead generation, the graphic design, the email marketing, the landing pages – everything needed to have a fully working and streamlined digital marketing campaign.

This is not a “setup and forget” package, we fully manage all of this during our time as your digital marketer. If you feel like you need to advertise online but have no idea how to start, our low-cost packages can really get you started quickly.

All-in-one Monthly Package Features

We have a number of different packages, depending on how many customers you want to advertise to. The packages are detailed further down the page, along with their cost.

Every business is different. Some have online customers and sales, but the majority are businesses with customers that you visit or customers that visit you. Our packages will fit any of these scenarios – traditional shops on the high-street, hair and beauty businesses with salons, cafès and restaurants, window cleaners, plumbers, electricians and much more.

Each package includes the following:

  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising we can setup the accounts if you don’t have them.
  • Bespoke, fully designed email marketingif you dont have a mailing list – we will help build one for you.
  • Landing pages for your websitedon’t worry if you don’t have a website – we can still create them!
  • Custom graphics to support the campaignsbased on your logos / colours / branding.
  • Full control over campaign changes every monthmaybe you have a different special offer for Christmas?
  • Local KnowledgeWe are a Penrith business and know the local area.
  • Full analytics reportsee how your campaigns are running with monthly reports

The Packages

Of course, you will want to know about cost. We keep our costs low in order to appeal to smaller businesses. We dare you to find a lower priced digital marketer who can offer all of the above. If you can – please let us know!

Each package is based on a minimum of 6 months in length and all setup and advertising costs are included. The price you see below is the price you will pay every month.

All-in-on Package Starter – Reach about 5,000 people per month online – £120 per month.

All-in-one Package Intermediate – Reach about 10,000 people per month online – £175 per month

All-in-one Package HUGE – Reach about 20,000 people per month online – £300 per month

Each of the three packages show “reach about…” and the number of people you will reach per month. We cannot give an exact figure due to the ups and downs of online advertising. Generally – you will advertise to slightly more than the number of people in each package listed.

How do I get started?

Ok – you have decided you want to know more about our services – first things first – get in touch! Fill in the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

We are happy to conduct business online and over the phone – but a much better option is for us to come and visit you, hold a face-to-face, in person, real live meeting with you (COVID restrictions aware…).

From you we will need a few things – your branding, your website details, an idea of your type of customers or who you want to target and an idea of why you are different to your competition – what you offer that is better than other local businesses.