Previous Work

Below, you will find a list of our previous and current projects that we have worked on under the Cayenne Digital banner. Our team has vast experience in working with small businesses which we are not able to display, but if you would like to find out more – just get in touch!

Beacon Fire Protection


Beacon Fire Protection is a Cumbrian firm providing Fire Safety, Security and other services to the businesses and premises of Cumbria.

We were asked to develop a new website for John and his team, getting rid of the one created for them by Yell.

We decided on a bold theme throughout the website, making sure his services were listed in individual pages to create the optimal SEO potential for the site.

As the business was moving away from, a huge focus was placed on SEO to ensure the website did not fall down the Google rankings, which we have succeeded in. If you search for Fire Safety Cumbria, you will see that Beacon Fire are the highest placed business on the Maps listing as well as the main listings.

John is a pleasure to work with and we have extended our working relationship by developing a website for his new venture – Cumbria Fire & Safety Training.

We have also been retained on a monthly basis to manage both businesses SEO, Website maintenance, content and Social Media.

Cumbria Fire & Safety Training


This was our second website for John at Beacon Fire Protection. 

He had an idea to start up a training provider, with courses available online and at his training facility in Penrith.

He required a new logo, that linked in to Beacon Fire Protection, new branding along similar lines and a hugely complex website that allowed customers to learn online.

The purchasing system needed to book and take payment for three separate services; In-person Courses, Enrolment Courses and Instant Access Courses. In all, over 700 courses were added to the system, with more being added monthly.

Cayenne Digital also manage the marketing of the business, via email, social media and SEO. This has led to some of the courses being sold out within 3 months of the business starting.

Nat Broad Physiotherapy


Nat needed assistance in setting up her Physiotherapy business online. We designed and built her website with her input, making sure she was involved at every step. Hosting, domain names and platforms were discussed at length to ensure the final website would be exactly what she wanted.

We developed the ecommerce platform to include custom elements regarding data collection at the point of purchase. This involved testing out a number of solutions until the correct one was determined. Stock management aspects, virtual sales and a payment gateway were created to allow Nat to sell online 24/7.

Blue Romany


Amanda had recently open up a physical shop in Penrith and had been asked by numerous customers if she sold online. She had previously sold via eBay, but wanted to have more control over her brand and the shopping experience.

After an initial consultation, we decided to start by redesigning her logo to fir in with the bespoke, rustic feel of her products. After a couple of false starts, Amanda decided on the current logo to be used on her website, social media and other future branding locations.

The website was built over an 8 week period with regular meetings to discuss progress as well as make minor adjustments. A full ecommerce solution was put in place, allowing Amanda to manage stock, process orders, refunds and deliveries from anywhere she had her tablet or mobile phone.

The shop and her products already had a large following locally and throughout the UK, so the website had to be 100% correct and ready for he go live date on the 29th of February 2020.

Following a successful launch, the website is now accepting orders and has been keeping Amanda busy with plenty of sales.



Ben is a well regarded Personal Trainer in Cumbria and was looking to upgrade his online presence to match his branding.

We discussed how he wanted to be presented online, including the fact that his services are not just for the body, but for the mind as well.

His marketing funnel is complicated and he needed a number of different systems integrated into the site, including external TypeForms, Social Media synergy and email marketing. Following on from the successful build of the website, Ben has retained our services on a monthly basis to continue the behind the scenes development of his website. This has recently included bespoke Landing Pages and more advanced SEO work.

In addition to this website, Cayenne Digital has built BCFIT Pro – a members only website portal that allows Ben to put out training videos, nutrition information and loads more content to his paying customers.



Following on from the design and building of the website, Cayenne Digital were asked to create something special for Ben.

This would be a members-only web based portal for his clients, allowing them to log in securely and access information and support 24 hours a day.

In addition to the benefit to his customers, Ben also had a central location for managing his business, For example, the weekly check-in form was hosted on here, videos describing the process of his services and how to actually carry out the exercises are available.

We did this with a combination of Vimeo and some advanced coding to get the video format correctly.

For this project, Ben sent us all the content, images and videos and allowed us a little bit of free reign to design the system for him.

DL Fitness


Darren has had a long term ambition to build and manage his own gym in Penrith to serve clients that really want to improve their fitness.

He has spent a long time curating and building the perfect gym in the heart of the lake district and was ready to open, before a further COVID lockdown ensued.

During this downtime, Cayenne Digital had some time to build a stunning website that captures the essence and ethic of what Darren is creating. The gym membership is not a ‘free-for-all’ but a members-only space for people who really want to get the most out of membership.

We developed the theme and content based only on the logo, giving this website a professional and clean look.

Although the gym was still not open at the time of writing this, Darren is all set to fill his initial membership quota as soon as gyms are able to open. We wish him every success and  hope to work with him again in the future.

Mount Elm


Mark found us via our Google listing and wanted to know what we could do for his business. He already has a website that was a a few years old and desperately wanted a facelift for the business.

We designed new branding and logo and worked on the main focus of the website. Through the bold colours and design, I feel Mark has a great website that showcases the services he offers simply and effectively.

A1 Access Taxis


Callum is just setting up his business after being a taxi driver for a number of years. He needed full branding support as well as a website and booking service developed.

Callum has already drawn out a design for the logo, which we then developed into the logo he uses now.

A taxi website needs to be as simple and easy to use as possible, with contact details visible and accessible on every page. 

It also needs to rank well on Google, as generally new customers are not going to spend alot of time looking at the differences between taxi companies – they want a service quickly. This means the website header is bold and simple – allowing people to click and phone directly from the website.


We wish Callum every bit of luck in his new venture!

Abis Tarot Readings


Abi was unsure exactly what she wanted when we first started talking – she knew she wanted to have a website, but not how to best sell or offer her services online.

After much discussion, we decided to build a semi-automated ecommerce solution, whereby the selling and payments were managed online, but Abi had complete control over when and how she would fulfil the service.

Cayenne Digital developed an image she already had on her Facebook page to be the main header of the website. The photos she had professionally taken, which adds perfectly to the them of the overall site design.

The colour scheme was developed initially as an example, but Abi liked them from the start – again, these were taken from her Facebook logo and incorporated into the website.

As Abi is new to managing a website, we have offered her full support to get up to speed on managing sales and adding content in the future.