Digital Marketing

Whether you are a new business or an established business, Cayenne Digital offer a number of services to assist you in boosting your online performance. We offer these on a one-off basis or as a weekly / monthly subscription. If you want to talk through the options and build a bespoke package then contact us and we can have an informal chat about what’s possible.

For a limited time, we are offering a completely free appraisal and written report, to any small business, looking at SEO, social media presence, website analytics and more. 

Below are a number of topics that we can help you with, but give us a shout if there is anything you can’t find.

Social Media Support in Cumbria

Social Media

Boost your online marketing with bespoke social media design and content. Let us take control long term or simply assist you in the short term. Contact us to see how we can help


One-off package to boost your search ranking or assistance with a long term strategy of hitting the right keywords effectively. Let us know your plans and we can talk through the best practice.

Content creation


Regular blogs and content updates are an extremely important factor of your website. Good content provides your customers with a reason to return to you. We can help.

Penrith - email marketing

Email Marketing

Customers that have already bought or booked with you are the most important source of future sales. Get your message out to them via email. Don't fall foul of GDPR rules!

Reports and Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Do you know how well or poorly your online presence is performing? Stats and figures bore most people, but not us! There's a wealth of useful information within your data.

Marketing Strategy and Campaigns

Strategy & Campaigns

Not sure where to start? A marketing strategy can help focus your mind. Let use help you create one, or give you some training in how to manage your campaigns.