Ecommerce Solutions

On-premise Services

From running an ordering system on an iPad, to taking payments at an event, we will work with you to develop a system that works for you. We have no ties to any particular provider, so are able to advise you on the different options.

Features can include:
- Card Payment Processing
- Stock Management
- Order Printing
- Bookkeeping and Accounts software integration
- Field Sales
- Order Management
- Cash Till integration
- Sales Reports

Online Services

Online shopping should be easy and intuitive for a customer. Any sticking points in the process can make them disappear to a competitor, losing you money. With our bespoke design, we are able to tailor the process to fit your requirements.

We can help you setup the whole process;
- Product Management
- Stock Management
- Ordering process
- Customer Accounts
- Delivery Pricing
- Payment Processing
- Sales Reporting
- Reselling and Email Marketing
- Integration with Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Shopify and others

Fully Integrated Solutions

As all our systems are designed for you, we can add or remove nearly any feature you would like. We can also merge your till sales with your online sales, creating a fully integrated system that works wherever you are.