IT Consultancy and Support

Some businesses just need a little extra help to realise their goals. At Cayenne Digital, we offer IT consultancy to all types of industries wanting, whether it’s a small project or something larger, we are happy to arrange an initial consultation for free to discuss ideas and plans. 

We can also offer ongoing or one-off support for all manner of IT work, from fixing problems, to setting things up. We are happy to visit you on-site and can be very flexible with on-call times if needed.



As all consultancy work is different, we offer a free initial meeting to talk through what you want to achieve, this could be as simple as setting up your email system, upgrading Windows or making customisations to your software. We can also assist in larger projects, such as setting up a new office with IT equipment and software, linking up homeworkers to your servers or helping you choose, develop and install a new software package. We are very flexible on terms, so contact us to arrange your free consultation.


IT Support

IT support is one of those things that is never really important… until you need it. Having your IT systems down can have a major impact on your business. We offer bespoke IT support packages which we will develop with you.

For example, do you require weekly IT maintenance, or just a checkup every 6 months? Do you need someone available 24/7 or just during opening hours? 

Or, are you just looking for a one-off fix? For example a computer has a virus and you need it sorting ASAP. Get in touch now and we can setup a channel of communication that suits you (email / phone / Whatsapp / visit / etc) just in case the IT gremlins decide to start causing havoc!


We also offer training packages to help you or your staff work efficiently and effectively. We cover a wide range of subjects on most IT subjects, for example Phishing and Virus protection, learning Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc), understanding Digital Marketing principles and more. Contact us and we can talk about what you need.


Fix Problems

Emergency support is available at short notice, we can't guarantee to fix everything, but we will always know the best way forward.

Setup new systems

From helping you decide on and setup some new software, to upgrading your computers and servers, we can help you achieve your goals.

Security Review

Are you worried about your IT security? We can advise on best practice - what anti-virus to use, how to minimise phishing and more.

IT Projects

If you have a larger IT project you would like to discuss, please get in touch. We are happy to advise at a distance or get more fully involved.


Group training or one-to-one training is no problem. All manner of IT topics covered which can be held at your premises or elsewhere.

Ongoing Support

We can base ongoing support on number of hours used or for a fixed monthly cost, discussion is vital, so get in touch.