What does a website cost?

What does a website cost? Lets find out…

A simple answer to the question of “what does a website cost?” is not easy. There are a wide range of factors to take into account. For example:

  1. Are you starting from scratch or is this an update to refresh your website?
  2. What special features do you need on the website – for example an online shop, or a members login, on online booking system?
  3. How many pages does the website have – is it less than 10 pages, or are you needing 100?
  4. What other services do you need to make the website sing – Search Engine Optimisation, Payment Processing, Logo and Branding design?

All of these will affect the cost of a website as they take time and expertise to implement. We can’t give a ‘catch-all’ price for a website purely because every single client is unique.

What skills are needed for building a website?

Ask any web developer and they will probably come up with a different answer! A wide range of skills are needed for website development, for example; graphic design skills, coding skills, hosting and domain admin expertise, a thorough knowledge of SEO and optimisation and experience in working with businesses.

With us, we like to offer a full service, from branding and logo design, to full website development and SEO in addition to streamlining your business processes using online tools and software. We don’t simply build you a website and hand it over, every customer we have is given 1-to-1 personal training in managing their shiny new website, with free support for 3 months after completion.

An idea of website costs

As we are asked this question many times, we have come up with the information below to give a very rough estimate of the cost of a website from Cayenne Digital.

ItemEstimated Cost
10 page brochure website with contentfrom £300
Ecommerce website with < 25 productsfrom £500
Branding and logo designfrom £100
SEO and content creation£25 per hour
Specialist feature development£45 per hour
Digital Marketing Servicesfrom £175pm

These prices really are a rough estimate, so in order to get an accurate quote, please get in touch with us.

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